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"I lost 57 pounds in less than five months."
- Terry J., Pittsburgh, PA
The NEW online DIET FREE LIFE COURSE is open for registration. It's an eight-week course that shows you how to reduce body fat (lose weight) while eating foods you love. It begins with the 21 Day Body Boot Camp, which is designed to makeover your metabolism and fast start your weight loss. After the first 21 days you transition into Diet-Free for Life, which is a five-weeks program. In the first 21 days you can lose up to 13 pounds! Some people lose more of course.
Optimize Fat Loss with Certified Private Coaching
Personal coaching and On-Demand options available to help you get the best results possible. Schedule a free consultation with LaToya and get one-on-one attention to bring your efforts to the next level!
About LaToya
LaToya is a certified nutritionist and coach with Diet Free Life. She uses evidence-based methodologies to advocate healthy practices and the use of healthy products that not only increase metabolism but helps to eradicate excess body fat and create a greater sense of overall well-being.

She’s a loving wife and mother of 3, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, interest in medicine and background in training and pharmaceutical sales. LaToya’s love for people and passion for education allows her to show others that knowledge is the key to owning your mind, body and soul.
Learn How To:
Food Combine
 Learn how to lose weight and keep it off eating foods you love in fat burning combinations. This is where you learn healthier habits that are lifestyle-based.
Learn How To:
Look & Feel Better
You'll learn the best practices for looking and feeling your best. We show you how to naturally look more youthful, which also includes improving joint health.
Learn How To:
Burn Belly Fat
Learn how to exercise and eat to maximize the burning of belly fat. In addition to natural ways to burn belly fat, we introduce you to proven ways to supplement.
 What People Are Saying:
"...I lost 75 with this program and I feel great"
There are many ways to lose weight but none are like this. You literally feel like you are not dieting and you learn to eat regular, every day food and the fat just comes off. The best thing I've ever done. 
Dee Dee, 53 - Alcoa, TN
"...I lost 40 pounds and I feel years younger"
There are many ways to lose weight. The programs you get here are above and better than anything you could imagine. I love over 40 pounds and it never felt like a diet. It's a lifestyle!
Andrea, 48 - Detroit, MI
"...I lost over 70 pounds without dieting"
The thought of eating food I love and losing weight didn't seem realistic until I did it. Learning how to combine food to lose weight can help so many people. You're in the right place. God Bless!!!
Cindy, 58 - Medaryville, IN
Lose Up To 13 Pounds and 3 Inches In Your First 21 Days!
I lost over 240 LBS. It Works! - Kathy B.
  • NO counting calories or points.
  • NO avoiding carbs.
  • NO tasteless diet food.
  • NO food restriction.
With our online Diet Free Life Membership and Private Coaching, you get access to meal plans, workout programs, grocery lists, restaurant guide, lectures, delicious fat burning recipes and so much more!
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The MEMBERSHIP and COACHING is powered by the Diet Free Life methodology that is based on a healthy eating and exercise program, which is essential when the goal is weight loss. Please consult your physician before beginning the Diet Free Life method or any weight loss program. If you need assistance, call our office at 937-694-6915 or e-mail us at

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